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Default Re: Evilghost would've been proud. :p

Originally Posted by grey_1
It do take getting used to, but once you learn it a bit, you'll be surprised at how natural it is to use, can save you quite a bit of grief also.
Well, I just tried installing the drivers for my 8800GTS- and it didn't work. I got to the part where I had to terminate "X" and just be at the command prompt- well "X" terminated but no command prompt showed up. Wiated several minutes- nothing happened. So I restarted the computer and am scared to try it again.

Any idea what might have gone wrong?

Originally Posted by grey_1
Just a suggestion - use a friends pc and dl svc pack 2, google "slipstreaming xp" and get that done prior to installing it. It really takes no time at all and can save you a lot of dl and p.i.t.a. time later.
I've already tried slipstreaming SP2 onto my copy- but it doesn't want to work. Maybe I can give it another try. And if it doesn't work, oh well.
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