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Besides support in the hardware (the graphic card), it needs support in the driver and in the software player. Supporting it in the driver would be nvidia's job. But I don't think they'll bother - because there is no player, and there never will be any. Why? Simple, there isn't one for dvds either. No company thinks it's worth creating a player for linux, not even for dvds, so there definitely won't be one for hd-dvd.

A player supporting HDCP would need to be closed source and you'd most likely need to pay for it. Now who in their right mind would buy such a closed proprietary player when there are open source players around (mplayer/xine/vlc). MPlayer can already play files decrypted from hd-dvd and blu-ray. So why would you artificially restrict yourself to HDCP, if you already have an open source player that does what you need?

Now what you want to solve is playback to a HDCP display. But are there really displays out there that absolutely need HDCP and wont accept an unencrypted signal over HDMI?
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