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Default Re: pm-suspend broken on fedora core 6 on gf4 ti4200

Hi sgoodall and thanks for your quick reply.
Actually 7184 is quite old and cannot compile on newer 2.6.20 kernels (sure, this can be fixed but I don't know if it pays back for the time spent on fixing the compilling errors)

Anyway, I was hoping that since suspend worked well for some older nvidia driver it shouldn't be difficult to trace were the things went bad and create a bugfix. Now, since nvidia driver development is quite dynamic and probably there are a lot of changes between releases it might be not so trivial...
It's just a pity that there are problems that probably will never be fixed on such cards (which are quite capable in my opinion - beryl/compiz work with nice FPS ) because of their legacy status...

I will stay with 9631 for the time being and I will try to remember not to suspend 2 times in a row

Anyway, i attach two new bug-report-logs for 9631 (one before the first suspend - old.gz and the other after the first resume - and just before the freeze on the second suspend cycle.

Cheers all nvidia developers out there and good luck with the debugging ,
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