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Default Re: Walmart orders 2 million $299 HD DVD players, in stores soon!

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800
Both Samsung and LG are interested to developed a hybrid player that played both Blu-ray and HD-DVD, Samsung and LG been submitted the application forms to HD-DVD Group to became members of HD-DVD group but unfortunately HD-DVD group rejected both because Samsung and LG hybrid players did not offered full HD-DVD playback, it lacked HDi capabilities.
Looks like there is quite a bit of confusion here. While the first LG hybrid player did not earn the HD DVD logo due to HDi noncompliance, the upcoming Samsung BD-UP5000 does have the HD DVD logo and is fully HDi compliant:
LG is also releasing a new model of their combo player that will be fully HDi compliant like the Samsung.

As for TDK, if you want to count this as jumping ship, then yes they jumped ship as more and more manufacturers will. The new Broadcom BCM7440 chip virtually all new hidef players will use has full HDi/BD-J and full support for both HD DVD and Blu-Ray.
With this chip, its just a matter of whether you want to manufacture the least expensive to make HD DVD player, the more expensive Blu-Ray player, or the most expensive combo player. No matter which you pick, you will see essentially the same "brain" driving different spec'd internal hardware. For instance, Samsung uses the BCM7440 chip in both their combo BD-UP5000 and their new Blu-Ray BD-P1200. They could also use the exact same chip in a future HD DVD standalone as they imply in the above Samsung press release.

This latest development is most definitely an HD DVD player, not a Blu-Ray player. Blu-Ray is still called Blu-Ray in China, not blue laser or blue light - and it would be referred that way as a "proper noun" of sorts in the news if it really was Blu-Ray. The reason blue laser was mentioned is simply because China also has red laser high definition disc formats. To further prove that it is HD DVD and not Blu-Ray, it is mentioned the discs that are made to playback in this machine can be replicated on the same equipment that standard DVDs are replicated on - this is most definitely a characteristic of HD DVD, not Blu-Ray.

Though I can see the wishful thinking in play here by those in the Blu-Ray camp, the fact is that Walmart just ordered 2 million HD DVD cores. With those cores, they will flood the market with low priced HD DVD standalones. Now that HD DVD has a solid release schedule again starting in Q2 HD DVD is able to keep pace with Blu-Ray in software sales - imagine the amount of HD DVD standalone players available now times 20 and the software sales that will generate. This is part of the plan that was introduced in January CES 2007 by the HD DVD camp - while it was overshadowed by boasting of release lists by the Blu-Ray camp (ironically, most of Fox's never actually were released), we are now seeing the effects of HD DVD's ability to deliver a low priced reference design for Chinese manufacturers. This announcement by the HD DVD camp in January CES was huge, and we are just starting to see the impact of it.

Walmart's selection of HD DVD for their product may also spur companies like Disney to produce in HD DVD format as Walmart is one of the largest Disney retailers in the US. Walmart has the power to apply pressure to other large companies to make products that help Walmart's bottom line, and in this case support Walmart's HD DVD players.

As I've stated from the beginning, Blu-Ray needed the quick win to win this war. Since that didn't happen, IMO now we will see HD DVD players flood the market with low priced standalones that Blu-Ray simply can't compete with due to the increased costs necessary to manufacture BD capable players. Walmart is just the first step. While I believe Blu-Ray will stick around much like you can still buy UMD discs, I think the majority of consumers will end up going with HD DVD due to its better value. Let's face it, you don't get much more Joe-6-Pack or mass market than Walmart - and Walmart as of now has chosen HD DVD as the primary hidef format they will manfacture and sell.
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