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Hey Toss3,

Thank you very much for taking the time!!!!
I appreciate that!!!
I may take you advice, although i do admit, a rear projection has me a bit iffy, having to buy new bulbs, viewing angles, and such.

I am wondering thou, you didn't mention the Toshiba 42" Plasma an option.
How come?
I've heard that LCD's give a worse SD picture than Plasma. That is a concern for me as I have (right now) Satellite and its only Component capable.
No HDMI on my current receiver. No HDTV on it.

Basically I'm just starting to change over and the only HD i'm gonna see for a few months is VIA an Antenna on the

God I tell yea. This has not been a pleasant process so far.

But you have made it a bit easier. Thanks!!!
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