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Default Re: Evilghost would've been proud. :p

Originally Posted by grey_1
Try mr Thurrotts tut. Worked flawlessly for me.

EDIT: Wait..didn't you say yours doesn't have sp1 either? You would have to slipstream both..or bite the bullet and grab vista. It's been great for me lately other than problems I've caused myself. (driver related)
Yup, my copy doesn't have SP1 either. It is one of the originals from back in 2001 when XP was first released. Its old alright. I'm thinking it might be the hard drive though. A buddy of mine went through exactly what I'm going through right now with his computer. And he was using my copy of XP (I have the Enterprise version, hence how he could borrow it without needing to "activate" it). Well, it would always crash either right after or shortly after he installed SP2. If it didn't crash and all the updates installed "fine"- the computer would just be a lot slower than it should have been- it just wouldn't run "right". So he went out and bought a new hard drive, installed Windows on the new hard drive, and hasn't had any problems since. This happened several times with him. Each time a new hard drive solved the problem.

Sooo... maybe that's the issue with my setup- the hard drive is just "defective". I'm gonna' try buying a new hard drive today. We got some awesome deals going at Staples- I should be able to get me a 300Gig SATA2 hard drive for around $80. I'll just have to pray that solves the problem.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
wow, you still can't install windows
I haven't tried a second time yet. I'm just gonna' get a new hard drive and see if that works.

Originally Posted by six_storm
NVIDIA just released some new drivers for Linux that supports the entire 8-series line of cards. I haven't had much time (and luck so far) with manually installing NVIDIA drivers on 7.04. Good luck with your adventures with Kubuntu!
Hmm... I haven't had any luck installing the drivers. As I mentioned earlier, soon as I shut down "X" the computer sort of restarted itself. Haven't messed around with it much sense then.

Originally Posted by grey_1
I'm downloading Kubuntu JUST_FOR_U Redeemed!

I hate kde, but I want to see how it's changed lately. Maybe you'll be able to answer some questions for me then eh?
I'm not sure what there is to hate about Kubuntu- other than it doesn't come pre-loaded with 8-series drivers. I'm sure in a future release the drivers will be included.

Well, I still don't know much about it. I found this one place where you could download themes and such (it is part of Kubuntu)- but now I can't find it! Luckily before I closed out I did setup a theme I like quite a bit. But now I can't figure out how to get back there!

Aside from the fact that I can't game- I'm really liking Kubuntu. I do doubt that it will ever completely replace Windows for me (I'm just too much of a gamer)- but I do think it will be an OS I use rather frequently.
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