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Default Re: Evilghost would've been proud. :p

Originally Posted by grey_1

I don't hate kubuntu, I just much prefer gnome over kde.

G'luck with your new hdd, hope its that simple for ya.
Well, that is the site- but there was a place in Kubuntu where you could download apps and updates and such. It was like a "program" that linked to the websites that had all the updates and such. Can't seem to find it now.

Mind if I ask why you prefer Gnome over KDE? Does it have anything to do with the GUI?

And thanks- hope the new HDD does solve the problem. Sure would be a nice and simple fix- and better than buying a new copy of XP. Though I must say- Vista Ultimate is a massive temptation for me right now. I'm in love with Vista (I've tinkered with in on the computers at work), though I've never run it on a high end rig. None of the rigs Staples sells even comes close to mine in overall computing power- so to see how Vista performs on my rig would be awesome. Besides, all the killer things like DreamScene- and even chess! I love that chess game that is included with Windows Vista!

Okay, getting a bit carried away- you get the idea, I like Vista. Maybe while I'm at it, I'll buy a copy with my hard drive.
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