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Thumbs down New 100.14.03 driver? Really new?

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the new beta driver. I have a Geforce FX 5200 and I experience 2 major and very annoying bugs with all the previous drivers.
We were all expecting the new 100 driver as a millestone which would have ended the major and well mentioned and discussed bugs!!!
But sadly when I ran the new driver my problems (and many other people's too) where THERE!!! The nvidia-settings has the <trail garbage> bug once again meaning that it doesn't load my settings and each time I boot the PC I have to reset the colours!!
And the most fascinating is that this bug is SOLVED!, zander from nvidia had uploaded a new nvidia-settings that works fine a long time ago before the new driver arrived!!!
The other bug is the well known <beryl black windows> which is there too!!
Also (I think generally not only 6200) Geforce 6 cards have a bug that when you change from X to console or just shutdown system you get a completely black screen although the PC goes on normally but you cannot do or see anything on it!! (I experienced that bug on a laptop with 6600 Go card).
Also performance is the same as the 9755 and previous drivers not to say worser...
The only new feature is support for 8600+8500 cards...

I think NVIDIA must explaine us what is going on here...
And where are the great series 100 drivers that they were telling us...
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