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Default Re: New 100.14.03 driver? Really new?

Originally Posted by zander
100.14.03 was built too early to pick up the `nvidia-settings` locale bug fix, but future builds should. For what it's worth, you can continue to use the binary I posted earlier with this driver. With respect to the GLX_ext_texture_from_pixmap 'black window bug', it's being worked on, but 100.14.03 was not claimed to address this problem.
I was really looking forward for your binary to be included in the new release because the bug happens generally for Greek locale and for others and is really annoying, I think it is more annoying than beryl black windows (at least for me) and when you gave the new binary (which I use with the new driver too) I was certain that it would be part of the new driver cause you had already made the binary!!

Finally do you mean that the new beta driver released just for 8600, 8500 cards to work?
Do you have anything more useful scheduled for all of us don't own 8600, 8500 models?
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