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Default Re: New 100.14.03 driver? Really new?

Originally Posted by zander
100.14.03 was built too early to pick up the `nvidia-settings` locale bug fix, but future builds should. For what it's worth, you can continue to use the binary I posted earlier with this driver. With respect to the GLX_ext_texture_from_pixmap 'black window bug', it's being worked on, but 100.14.03 was not claimed to address this problem.
Thanks for some information, but what I'd really like to see is something that even adobe realized.

They set up a blog about development for the flash plugin version 9 so people could at least see somehow that things were being worked on.

How about the nividia linux developers getting a blog up and running for us to somehow keep track of your work? Maybe that way interaction would be more pleasant for all of us (not so much this "forum, someone whines, dev has to run in and clear a few things up" kinda thing, but a more proactive thingy?

Of course it would only work if the blog was updated from time to time, but it would take out some of the heat.
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