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Default 7950gt - Random (very often) freeze at X startup

Hi all,

today I bought a 7950gt card.
Previously I had a 6600 fanless.

With my new card I'm seeing random (very often) freeze at X startup.

I tried to force (with success) the videocard fan to a very high value with nvclock right before X startup. So I'd exclude any overheating issue.

Now, my first guess is about my power supply (19A on 12V, 7950gt suggest at least 20A I think) which I'll swap tomorrow just to be within min specs.
Anyway, the rare times X starts fine, I found I can run beryl, 3d games... with no crashes or instability.

What do you think about this ?
May be really the power suppy problem ?
Maybe the system is really on high load during X start and triggers the power supply poor rating ?

Thanks for any ideas.

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