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Default Re: beryl black windows bug

I could be really off...but I have a theory regarding this whole "black bug" mess.

We all know it is because Vram is running dry on our systems using indirect rendering. Its a very ungraceful effect for a problem that is easy to conceive.

I think XGL avoids this problem because it is an independent process that uses system RAM in many cases instead. Windows XP does not have this problem because the only things really using Vram are programs, and anyone that has played a game past when the VRAM ran out knows what happens in many cases (my favorite way to crash Unreal Tournament).

It is in Vista that I have noticed interesting results. In Vista my 6600 GT 128mb is reported to have three times that much (if not more) meaning that in Vista my non-Turbocache (never could be- AGP) is acting like it has Nvidia's most unappreciated feature. It must be sharing ram with the OS when it goes past the line, as I can open a hundred windows and non will be full of blackness. Everything about Vista makes it seem like its Aero interface is more like XGL than anything else we have (just a much more complete, Directx based flexible version). So it can cheat the system the same way XGL can. The same and only way any solution can- using the system RAM.

So for Nvidia to fix this problem in XGLess Xorg would require backporting Turbocache to cards (and system boards) that were never designed to have it. Might be near impossible.

With this realization I came up with my own fix- get a card with more VRAM or that supports Turbocache in hardware. There are 512 7300 GT cards out there for cheap (heck, even 256 6200s) that would fix the problem. I settled for a 7600 GS 256 mb that could fit in a low profile case. It drives two monitors well and I have not experienced the black bug yet (I have not looked for it though). I know that this is the worst possible solution to the problem- Throw out good hardware!- but it worked for me. Ebay is a great place to find cards no gamer would want (low end cards with lots of VRAM) for cheap....
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