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Angry 1.0-9755 make install problem

I'm sorry i dont have the exact error message on hand im duel booting between windows and FreeBSD

The problem is that i cant seem to get the nvidia driver to compile. so here what i try

1. install freebsd
2. xorgcfg -textmode to create basic xorg.conf file
3. mkdir /user/nvidia
3. I download the 1.0-9755 extract ( from
2. type "Make install" as per the FAQ
3. I get a ton of text i cant ever hope to grasp
4. then i get an error 70 file not found for /lib/modules/drivers
5. try some fix i found on the internet, decide that i have messed things up even worse ,
6. boot windows delete the bsd slice
7. go back to step 1.


I'm just trying to get x windows running but that as well doesnt work and i suspect its because i dont have a decient video driver installed

ohh ps, if it helps im using a Geforce 6100
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