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Default Re: beryl black windows bug

Originally Posted by poofyhairguy
With this realization I came up with my own fix- get a card with more VRAM or that supports Turbocache in hardware. There are 512 7300 GT cards out there for cheap (heck, even 256 6200s) that would fix the problem. I settled for a 7600 GS 256 mb that could fit in a low profile case. It drives two monitors well and I have not experienced the black bug yet (I have not looked for it though). I know that this is the worst possible solution to the problem- Throw out good hardware!- but it worked for me. Ebay is a great place to find cards no gamer would want (low end cards with lots of VRAM) for cheap....
The bug still affects those cards. True, you might get many more open windows before the black windows bug shows up, but it's still there.

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