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Default corrupted ascii screen after closing the X-server

I'm useing the latest nvidia driver (x86_64-1.0-9755) on a
dell precision m90 notebook with quadro fx 3500, 1440x900 native lcd resolution, dual core,
open suse 10.2

the graphics mode works fine, twin view, stereo with shutterglasse on external display ....
no problems.
but after leaving the X-server, regardless of the "init 3; startx" method or
changing user after normal kde-based login run level 5, the (s)vga mode for
the tty's 1..6 is defect. during the first running X session switching via (ctrl)-alt-fn works fine.

disabling the framebuffer-mode by overwriting the vga option in the kernel boot paramter
only changes the level of noise in the defective output.

the attached bug-report.log is generated with


in run level 3, to avoid blind typing after reaching the error state.

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