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Default Adding Nvidia MX4000 = kernel panic


I have a HP d220mt computer. It has a P4 2.8GHZ processor with 512mb ram. I installed fedora just fine using the integrated graphics card which is an intel card.

i want to add a video card so i can use TV-Out for MythTV. I had to get a PCI card as the motherboard doesnt have a AGP or PCI express port. I bought a Nvidia MX4000 PCI edition. When i install the card fedora screams kernel errors on boot. I even tried reinstalling fedora and on boot of the dvd i get the same error. I attached a picture of the screen during boot.

I have turned off all power management options in bios and set it to check for PCI video first. Also i have put options in the grub boot line such as noacpi, acpi=no, noapic, apic=no but same thing occured. I also have moved the card around and removed or disabled everything that i can, just to try and get it to boot.

Reading the error leads me to a memory conflict. What would cause this? Where should i go from here?

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