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Originally Posted by lIqUID
the game is crap.

horrid graphics, horrid gameplay and basically not a single enjoyable aspect to it at all. I'll stick with WOW until Warhammer Online comes out.
You must be blind and/or very obtuse since it's a very good looking game and plays a lot like WoW in many ways.

Just playing musical instruments is more interesting than anything I can think of in another mmo. It's great to wander around in and perfect for someone that doesn't have time for all the catassers in WoW.

I am very curious how future content will work (how fast, what they add), but so far it's fun and very polished for a new release mmo. They had a lengthy beta period and put it to good use. If they can keep up with content releases to add more areas and expand on what's already there, I'll keep paying to explore it.
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