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Default Re: 3.4GHz stable at 1.38 Voltagel

Originally Posted by gulizard
My ram was running at stock though. I was able to get it to run right at stock..

So I shouldn't need to increase the voltage of my RAM should I?
i think when u overclock cpu .. u do need to up ur RAM voltage by jsut a bit ... also ocing high fsb = stress for mobo = more NB/Chipset voltage

so i would up NB voltage by jsut a tiny bit.. say 0.05v, and up ur RAM by 0.05v and test it ... but chances r ur CPU needs more vcore .. at 3.4GHz E6600 im guessing u need something 1.34v to 1.4v at load... thats like 1.45v set in bios ,

i am not sure but i think if u can boot its all about ur CPU and RAM, so prolly no need to up ur NB voltage, but try it anyway .. u never know
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