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Originally posted by Tactics
Too late... I was doing some research and came up with people who buy 24' or 36' cables instead of 18' it can lead to problems with the HD. Maybe that's what your talking about -- other than that I read a ton of reviews and no one mentioned any problems. hmmm..

Rounded Cables

Some companies have gotten really cute with the design of what has become known as rounded cables. Depending on the manufacturer, the ribbons are sliced into single or multiple strands and then bundled tightly. In most cases, there should be no problems, however, there have been numerous suspicions on many bulletin boards about rounded cables causing higher coaster rates while burning CDs. Likewise, users of rounded cables appear to suffer from abnormally high failure rates of HDDs.

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Ive been reading this site for a long time, and they can definitely be trusted, unlike
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