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Default Re: Driver Installation - Fedore Core 6

OK. Sorry. I'll explain you the problem once again. It's the same from the beginning of the thread.

I have a Dell PE 840 that I can not plug in a PCI-E x16 video card because the motherboard does not have a PCI-E x16 slot. I want to "upgrade" the video card in this new PC. The only way I found is to buy a Quadro-NVS 440 that I can plug in the only available slot.
The PC is dual-boot and I've successfully installed the video driver in windows 2000. I am trying to setup Fedora Core 6 and to install the nvidia driver which is required by Open GL apps.
I've successufully installed the driver with the latest kernel src I've recompiled on the PC but when I switch to nvidia driver in the xorg.conf file and restart X , the screen switches off and never switch on again (the light becomes red). I have to reboot the PC to reinit the Fedora and get back to generic nv driver in order to have back a picture on screen.

I just want to see something on screen using the nvidia driver
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