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Default Re: ***Official PSN Downloads Thread***

PLEASE tell me that psn ps1 downloads are not region locked...

"Sony Japan at last announced what games PS3 owners will be able to play when PS3-compatible downloads begin on 4/26. The PS3 will have just 11 titles available for play on day one. The list includes:

* Spectral Force (Idea Factory)
* R-Types (Irem)
* A.IV. Evolution Global (Artdink)
* Resident Evil Directors Edition (Capcom)
* Bishibashi Special (Konami)
* Arc the Land (Sony)
* Ore no Shi wo Koete Yuke (Sony)
* Gunners Heaven (Sony)
* Ganbare Morikawa-kun Ni-go (Sony)
* Marl Oukoku no Ningyou Hime (Nippon Ichi)
* Tekken 2 (Bandai Namco)

The PSP will be able to play all these games as well. In fact, this list of PS3-compatible games is just a subset of the current Game Archives lineup that's already available for PSP owners. To that growing lineup, Sony will be adding 14 new PSP-only titles, also on 4/26. Here's the full list.

* Ikasama Mahjong (Idea Factory)
* CG Mukashi Banashi Jiisan Ni-do Bikkuri (Idea Factory)
* Yaku Tsu Noroi no Game (Idea Factory)
* Lunatic Dawn III (Artdink)
* A5: Take the A-Train 5 (Artdink)
* Metal Slug X (SNK Playmore)
* Real Bout Garou Densetsu (aka Real Bout Fatal Fury, SNK Playmore)
* Kenkaku Ibunroku Yomigaerishi Soukou no Yaiba Samurai Spirits Shinshou (aka Samurai Showdown Warriors Rage, SNK Playmore)
* Bakumatsu Roman: Gekka no Kenshi (aka The Last Blade, SNK Playmore)
* Garou Densetsu Wild Ambition (aka Fatal Fury Wild Ambition, SNK Playmore)
* Fushigi Keiji (Capcom)
* Philsoma (Sony)
* Jigsaw World (Nippon Ichi)
* Wai Wai Tennis Plus (Hamster) "
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