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Originally posted by Megatron
I missed out on that deal.

I kept looking at the page, my trigger finger wanted to click..but i just had remembered all last years 8500 letdowns with places not REALLY having them in stock. Then i saw a thread that said Mwave had moved their date back on the 9700...and I just didnt have the confidence that Gamespot wouldnt do the same thing.

Oh soon as i see it on a shelf Ill grab it. Although saving the 80 bucks you did is an incredible deal. Hope you like that card CainSyris. ATI wont let ya down.

Prophetic. Just so you won't feel too terribly bad:


Unfortunately, we have just been informed, that we do not have any stock
available at this time. All orders that have been placed for this item
recently will still be filled. However, we do not have an estimated date
as to when we will be receiving this item into our warehouse from the
manufacturer. Therefore, any customers that would like to wait for this
item may keep their order pending and await the next shipment. If any
customer with an order does not want to await our next shipment, a
cancellation request must be sent to this e mail address. We apologize
for any inconvenience. We appreciate your time and business.

Thanks and have a great day!

Your, Gamestop! Customer Service Agent, Janet <>


Still, I'm going to keep the order for a while longer and hope they get it sooner rather than later and that most of the others go ahead and pay full price and cancel their orders like GS wants them to. Yes, like Dell. But I won't wait nearly that long before canceling. I'm patient; but not THAT patient.
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