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well what confuses me the most and i assure you thats a easy thing to do with linux )))
is that as i stated im new to linux so no other software is loaded in redhat other then what is supplied by the redhat 9 iso image
so more ore less this is a virgin os
so thats why im so confused about the driver issue as far as the other people posting ?s for help i have no idea how virgin there systems are
so to look at it that way one must come up with the ? is it really compiling a true driver for the kernel well at least thats what i would ask myself
seeing no one else has a real idea
i guess alot of questions could be asked
but from a virgin os stand point where elese would you look other then the [installer compiler ]driver it self oh well others are haveing some problems i guess also not many like mine so thats whats more confuseing why so few systems haveing a problem
this was a wiped hd repartitioned reformatted
then a clean install of nothing other then redhat
so again hard to think of it being a improper configuration or defective install everything works fine unless that nvidia driver is installed
so have to go back to that point as a starting point of investigation
new os clean install
no problems
driver install
odd is all
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