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Default hotplugging external monitor/beamer to notebook

is there a way, to make hot-plugging for external devices like beamers working?
the normal way on a workshop or conference is today to just plug in the beamers vga
connector to the notebooks external monitor slot and the beamer should be automaticly
in (what is called by nvidia) twin mode .

the default behavior is very ugly. the external display is only detected, if the device is
available before starting the X server. and then the notebooks lcd is disabled.
i don't want to begin a talk with a login prompt only visible behind me at the wall ...

i have found two workarounds:

a) starting nvidia-settings after plugging the external monitor/beamer and lets it detect
the new device. enable twin-view. after this one can leave nvidia-settings without saving and
can load an prepared configuration for resolution and placement (beamers are usual not in
1440x900 dimension, so one have to choose some portion of the laptops area...)
this is a good demonstration for the audience, how complicate is linux in praxis with respect to the big market leader.

b) predefine the crt as a non detected but running interface with this two lines in xorg.conf, which i have found somewhere on internet.
Section "Screen"
Option "ConnectedMonitor" "DFP, CRT"
Option "NoPowerConnectorCheck" "1"
plus something like that
nvidia-settings --config=$HOME/etc/nvidia-settings-rc --load-config-only
in ~/.xinitrc
the original ~/.nvidia-settings-rc is not so resistant against unwanted changes.

if it is possible to see and handle the event "external monitor is plugged into the vga connector" it should be possible make a real hot-plugging solution for this case.
is there some work or solution in this direction?
i found nv-control-events.c in nvidia-settings-1.0/samples from the source-package of nvidia-settings. should this be used as a basis for an event-handler daemon?
the method for detecting and activating the additional screen on the gpu can be copied
from nvidia-settings source code. this is also not so hard.

i'm not an udev or whatever expert (btw. suse 10.2 is installed).
only every two-three years i have a reason to go closer to kernel and systemconfiguration because of hardware changes.

it looks like nvidias graphic cards and drivers are ready to support hot-plugging
aren't they?


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