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Default Re: nvidia 7300 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities (driver BUG)

Not quite sure what they want here, as I've posted all sorts of logs, but no one from NVidia seemed to think that it was worth much notice. ( If anyone sees anything missing, I'm well willing to refine my debugging practice.

As I've tested the driver with completely identical hardware and software without any detectable difference (and those systems run Vista and WinXP without problems), it couldn't really be a physical hardware issue.

None of the "boot" or "xorg" configuration options make much difference, sooner or later the system just freezes rock-solid, independat of whatever applications I may be runnning.

The beta driver that was just released froze the system up within minutes, but then again, as far as I know, it wasn't meant to address any of the issues here.
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