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Unhappy nVidia Geforce4 440 Go 1400x1050 problem

I got Toshiba 5105-S501 notebook. It has Geforce4 440 Go 32MB. I installed Redhat 7.3 and didn't upgrade the kernel. And I installed the linux device driver as the website provides. And it seems to work well only with until 1280x1024.

I am using it as 1280x1024, 16bit color. 24 bit color also doesn't work, and I am struggled because my TFT-LCD supports 1400x1050, so 1280x1024 is not pretty at all. (you know, the LCD screen is not like a regular CRT, so it shows best when used by the default=highest resolution.)

Is there anyone who has the same problem with me? How can I solve this thing?

I also posted some tips and tricks for those who has the same notebook as mine.

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