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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Yeah I went hunter when I realized how overpowered they were after just messing around with a low level one... my current pet has over 100hp more then I do aswell as does more dmg then I (can't out agro him).
That situation doesn't remain however. At lvl 70, I do way more damage then my pet does, and I also have several thousand more HP then my pet. My pet still has a lot more armor then I do however...

In actual practice, at lower levels I could take several elites at higher lvl then myself. However with lvl 60 elites and above (where quite frankly the spread in hp, dps, and other stats very wildly), this is almost a hit and miss. One just learns what fits where. For instance, lvl 60 frostmaul giants are quite different then the lvl 60 silithid that comes out of the hive (which is much more like a mob from Zul'Gurub) from the Cenarion Circle. The former I could solo on my hunter, the latter I still did solo at lvl 60, but died and had to come back. Because the CC was still engaged in battle with it when I came back, I was able to revive pet, feed him, get ready, and re-enter the battle even after death and still got credit. At lvl 66, and Outland equiped, I still couldn't solo the lvl 60 elite blue dragonkin Scryer in the cave in Winterspring to get up to the person to finish the Onyxia attunement chain, alliance side. Called a friend in, 64 dwarf hunter who thought "it can't possibly be that bad". When he got there he was like OMG, as he and his pet died, same with my pet and me having to feign.

Finally a 3 man, with a lvl 70 human paladin which had run Karazhan and was equiped practically in all kara epics, resulted in us 3 manning him down, with the paly having to constantly heal himself while tanking...

At lvl 70, I was able to solo about 1/4 of Scholo, however there was a few deaths along the way, other times having to feign, and I of course still had to be careful, and even pot some. At higher levels, and especially when going into end game, things do even out subtantially. As hunter, the beginning of kara attunement wasn't easy as pie, and yet I was able to do dragonkin menace (first part of ony attunement) solo, which required killing elite dragonkin in Burning Steppes at lvl 51. On the orc hunter who was a newer char, I was able to push it back with killing a black drake and stuff at lvl 50, solo... I did end up grouping for even some of the "before instance" parts to kara attunement, in part though because another warrior was on it.

True however (though not at lvl 51) that my hunter had several pieces of ZG gear, parts of tier 0.5, and some epics like helm of narv at lvl 60, whereas at 70 he's not yet attuned and is mostly in Outland blues, with only 2 Outland greens left. Spec wise, with my out-dpsing my pet on char screen by about 150 dps, and my having a couple thousand more hp, I'm largely BM spec, with 41 points in beast mastery, and 20 points in marksmanship.
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