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Default Re: BIOS help with GeForce4 440 Go

Originally Posted by gytbz
You can retrieve hereafter with the attached file the latest ROM for NVidia 440 Go 64 MB for Dell Inspiron 8200.
I've just retrieved the dell floppy disk A06NV17 and updated it with nvflash536 and valid rom file called 04170055.rom
Note that there is no warranty except I checked it toward some different video cards all NVidia 440Go 64MB and some different Dell notebooks.
The complete explanation is that the Dell "update" is not check neither Flash type neither Chip type and overriding is scripted. The only checking is RAM amount 32 or 64MB.
Sorry to been so long.
I just wanted to state that this information helped a lot!!!
For what reason ever, I also had overflashed the good BIOS with the BAD one from DELL site.
Just copied the nvflash.exe and cwsdpmi.exe together with the valid rome file (04170055.rom) to the bootable disk and launched it after boot directly as:
nvflash --overridesub 04170055.rom

Best regards
Marco Ciot

Inspiron 8200, 2.4 GHz, 1GB RAM, GeForce 440 64MB, 1600*1200 on C-Dock II with USB 2.0 (DEC chipset!)
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