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Originally Posted by Blacklash
I got an E6320 and a QuadGT to play with. It looks like this particular chip has a 3465MHz limit.

It does 3150MHz without vcore increases fine. 3465MHz takes 1.53v to hold. I got the QuadGT plus the E6320 to build a second rig. I wanted 3.5 out of it and I guess I am not that far off.

I decided to try my E6600 in the QuadGT and was able to cold boot this-

I've booted the E6600 up to 3.9GHz on the QuadGT and it will do that on any mobo with the right voltage. I am testing with regular Win XP and two sticks of ram to make sure I don't gimp my OC. I'll try 4 x 1GB and Vista later.
what did i say? luck of draw

it dpeends on ur setup as well .. PSU+motherboard+bios effects OC heavily .. RAM dont do much since u can just lower it and do relaxed timing

not many 6320 can do 3.7GHz .. let alone 3.7GHz orthos stable for 8 + hours
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