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Default Re: E6320 @ 3780MHz

Originally Posted by theteamaqua
i hear u man , but when most people say "i need 1.45v to get 3.6GHz stable" .. they prolly get those vcore from speedfan/everest ultimate

which means they prolly set 1.45+0.5v = 1.5v in bios and droop to 1.45v during load

1.5v bios = 1.47v idle = 1.45v load .. thats pretty much teh same for most boards ... with 0.1v fluctuation.. osmetiems some board get more some board get less

the only boad i know of overvolts is the Asus P5W64 WS PRO .. which ovevolts 0.05v so when u set 1.45v it gives u 1.5v ...
Ya.. mine is set at 1.45V in the BIOS.... runs at 1.425 idle and 1.408 as the lowest under full orthos Small FFT stress. I guess I just got one that does not OC very high on lower voltage. I notice I can run 2.9Ghz just slightly above stock voltage and once I start to get above 3Ghz is requires loads more voltage just to creep up 100Mhz at a time. I'll stick with my current OC and call it what it is. At the new prices I might just pick up another for fun and see if I can get a better OC'er
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