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Default Help needed : known issue, but can't solve it

I can see many people have the same issue, but i can't find out the proper solution (Ithought I did - see further post)

I ran the 4363 installer (and, btw, same with 3123 rpms).

Here is what I get :

X is launched, but never comes out, eating 99% CPU time.

I have checked every library as TFM says (because I did RTFM),and thay are in place.
The Nvidia driver is loaded ok.

My box is a mandrake 9 (2.4.19 kernel)
X is 4.2.1

Harware is Asus KT7A with Athlon 1 Ghz
GA is regular Gforce 256 (properly recognised by XFdrake)

I attach X log and config file.

-> X stops reporting after setting the mode.

Now : what to look for ?
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