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From the README:

> o Interaction with pthreads
> Single threaded applications that dlopen() NVIDIA's libGL
> library, and then dlopen() any other library that is linked
> against pthreads will crash in NVIDIA's libGL library. This does
> not happen in NVIDIA's new ELF TLS OpenGL libraries (please see
> (app-c) APPENDIX C: INSTALLED COMPONENTS for a description of
> the ELF TLS OpenGL libraries). Possible work arounds for this
> problem are:

> 1) Load the library that is linked with pthreads before
> loading
> 2) Link the application with pthreads.

Pretty much the work-arounds I was hoping to avoid :-/ The other option is to upgrade to GLIBC 2.3+ so that the ELF TLS libs can be used.
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