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Default Re: 1080i Resolution unused by nvidia-auto-select on 60-inch HDTV, [ Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Well, I've progressed to the point of getting custom modelines to work, and I have a 1280x720 mode nicely corrected for my TV's overscan. But for the 1920x1080 interlaced mode I tried the "workaround" referenced above and ran into a deadend.

In brief, the workaround is to take a modeline which works (but has half of the desktop improperly displayed below the TV's physical screen), and then double the pixel clock and the 4 vertical timing parameters. Of course, you have to disable the validation checks on the pixel clock and the vert refresh rate.

The problem I ran into was that by doubling the pixel clock and leaving the horiz settings unchanged, you are doubling the horizontal sync pulse frequency. In my case, the resulting frequency was outside of what my TV's EDID parameters allowed. I disabled the validation check of HSync
and tried it anyway, and sure enough my TV was unable to sync.

So my question at this point : Is there an actual way to fix (as opposed to work around) the problem ? I don't have my xorg.conf and log files, but the problem I am seeing is the same as the original poster : the 1920x1080i mode over DVI (exactly matching the TVs reported EDID mode) is stetched to double its correct height, and only the top half is visible on the screen.

My setup :

ASUS M/B w/ 6150 onboard
AMD64 x2 1.9GHz
Fedora Core 6, fresh install
latest NVidia driver
Sony KV-34XBR970 (34" CRT, native 1080i)
DVI-HDMI cable
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