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Default Re: asus m2n/nforce 430/mcp61 + suse 10.2 = no network

i'm using the same mainboard and chipset.
basically there are two problems you have.

1. the NİC of the MCP61 is not seen in YAST so you are not able to configure it. right?
what you just should do ist to install the KNetworkManager and just let him work for you. you don't really need to set up your NİC in YAST at all. as soon as there is a network connection KNetworkManager initialises the MCP61 NİC and connects. that's how it works on my system.

2. every reboot gives your NİC a new name eth0, eth1,...etc. right?
i don't know the cause but the solution ist very simple:

in the file "/etc/sysconfig/network/config" just turn the value "FORCE_PERSISTENT_NAMES" to "no".
after reboot your NİC will be always eth0..

good luck and greets,
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