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I luv mah ti4200 340/700
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Originally posted by sytaylor
7700... stock ti4400 and 1.2ghz tbird... highly motherboard bandwidth limited :-/

ouch man thats sad, I got 7500 marks on a 1GHz tbird at 100fsb and a ti4200 at stock 250/445, at 166fsb and 996MHz and my ti4200 at 280/520 I get 8900 marks. If my ram was faster than 2.5-3-3-7-t2 Id get mid 9000s

"11,038 last time i ran it"

sounds awfully low doesnt it? you should be at like 14k

netviper13, your ti200 holds you back, not the mobo. I got 6900 marks on a stock ti200, 8100 on a stock ti500 and 9400 on a stock ti4200, I think

GF4 Ti4200 SE @ 330/730

omg........howd u oc her so high

anyway with a tbird 950@996 on 166fsb
ti4200 at 280/520 I get 8900 marks is that good?
using 40.72 drivers too

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