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Umm... I assume this is just a shell script, right?

Why package it all up in an RPM then?

Could you possibly put both versions up (RPM and the shell script itself) for people that are interested (like myself) but refuse to use RPM distros because they oftentimes do not work right?


And one other thing -- you don't need mem=nopentium anymore if you're running any kernel 2.4.19 or later. These kernels disable the "advanced speculative caching" feature on the Athlon XP and MP chips at bootup. I believe RH8's 2.4.18-X kernels also had the patch, but I haven't looked for sure (doesn't affect me -- see above about "refusing to use RPM distros" ).

You may still need it if you have a normal Athlon or a Duron, I don't know about that.
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