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Originally Posted by Jon
At the time, standing outside the wolves den just outside Combe... the problem is, cause its new, there are around 200+ other players in and around Combe.

Seriously, there was not a creature in sight because there were so many players/fellowships that as soon as something spawned it was tagged and killed instantly.

I have around 10-12 quests in my log book, but everywhere I go there are so many players with the same quest that it just drags out the kill 15 wolves from what should be 10 mins to around 30-40 mins at which point I'm bored of searching for them.

I will probably try it again in a few months or so when its calmed down.
Which server are you playing on? I'm on Vilya and it doesn't seem that crowded. I'm liking the game so far and I'm a WOW refugee like most of the people in the game.
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