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Default Re: 1080i Resolution unused by nvidia-auto-select on 60-inch HDTV, [ Sony KDS-R60XBR1

Originally Posted by rerushg
Have you given up on 1080i?
There must be a modeline that will work with your monitor. Maybe you just haven't found it yet

Did you check closely the MythTV site referenced by MVinny above?

Well, for use as a compuer monitor, my tweaked 720p mode is pretty nice. But for the main attraction - playing HD content vi MythTV - I'm gonna be really disappointed if I can't get 1080i to work. (c.f. previous post....)

Yeah, unfortunately, my TV isn't in the MythTV modeline database yet. But it's a popular (and cheap !) TV, so I'm sure plenty of folks are working on it.
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