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Default HELP! Driver "nvidia" Crashes X -- RedHat 8.0 / 2.4.18-14

Howdy Folks...I've recently bought an NVidia GeForce2 MX 400 graphics board for my Gateway e5200 computer. I can't get the "nividia" driver to work--only the "nv" driver that comes with Red Hat does. I've downloading both the last rpms for the driver and GLX as well as the latest unified driver. I can get the driver to install properly, but when I change the driver in my XF86Config file from "nv" to "nvidia" the X server freezes on startup with a blank screen. The driver is loaded and the /dev/nvidia* driver files are present. The video board and drivers work fine with Windows 98 but do my graphics development work with OpenGL on Linux. Recompiling the NVidia kernel rpm package didn't work either. I'd like to get this to work...any suggestions?


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