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Default Re: 16 pipe 6800 ok for current-gen @ 1366x768?

Hey dude.

This thread seemed oddly familiar to me, as I run almost the exact same setup (save I use an old Pent4 processor).

Currently on my 26 inch HD (which I also bought on a budget... might even be the same manufacturer according to the prices listed earlier in the thread) I play most my games just fine at 1280 X 720 (most games dont like the 1366 X 768, but I have used that res in the past).

GOW I can't say for sure since I don't have it, but all of mine play just fine over my GeForce 6800 (AGP no less). Usually play FEAR, HL2, BF2142, and AoE3 and are probably the biggest graphical users in my library of games. Ususally I'm running them at 1280 X 1024 so when you take away those extra pixels, they do run a little faster. I ususally run medium amounts of AA or AF as I don't really notice the jaggies or other issues much from where I sit.

I'd say if you wanna be sure of smooth gameplay and add a little AA or AF, go with the better card, but the 6800 will probably be fine.
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