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Default Re: beryl black windows bug

Originally Posted by djdoo
OK man I got your point, but believe me this is not an answer to be proud about!!
Thanks a lot for your time...

Guys "TfP" "force AIGLX" "XGL binding" please send your results to the thread!!

Cause I think Nvidia takes us for fools!!
It is not unusable with these options, I just have to drop metacity to do any serious graphical grunt. (Luckily this is easy with Beryl)

Anyway like I said, I appreciate netllama's attention, I also fully understand how a business works and am not expecting miracles, just to be told that there is some light at the end of tunnel (which he's done).

I guess I'll just check back in a week or two, happy coding Nvidia!
(And fingers crossed)
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