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Default Re: beryl black windows bug

Originally Posted by djdoo
Stop asking them my friend don't you see!!! they are NOT willing to help!!!
His answer was very clear DON'T USE BERYL AND YOU WON'T FACE THE BUG!!!

djdoo, Netllama is just giving us the truth. Do you want him to lie to us? You/we may not be happy with the answer at this point, but that's the reality. I am still willing to run Beryl with the settings that you suggested, djdoo, and it seems to work pretty well. I still run into corrupted windows, but it takes longer and normal ops can be more easily recovered.

NVIDIA provides better and more consistent support to the Linux community than any other graphics card company (not to name any names). I don't see what good it does to trash them. I believe that NVIDIA is actively working the issue just as Netllama says. I also accept that the fix isn't trivial. These cards are complex systems in themselves and driving them in the host of environments where they see use is difficult under the best of circumstances.

I'm no happier than you about the bug, but I understand the technology and the difficulties involved. I appreciate that they continue to work the issue. That's more than a lot of companies would do to support a relatively unstable beta products like Beryl/Compiz.
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