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Default Nvidia 96xx drivers with a Geforce3 ruins colors

In Linux, I can use the 71xx drivers and they work fine with my Geforce3.

However I'd like to use the 3D desktop Beryl, but it requires at least the 96xx drivers.

On the nvidia site here it says that Geforce3 Ti500 (which is my card) is supported by the 96xx drivers.

However if I install the 96xx drivers, then my screen colors are messed up. It's not just the gamma being screwed up or anything. It looks like a total screwup, as if everything is shifted 4 bits: in gradients, there appear repeating blue bands. And grey becomes yellow. For the rest everything works as if nothing is wrong, even the 3D cube of Beryl works. But with those colors it's unworkable, I mean, you'd need sunglasses to look at it for extended time periods.

When I revert back to the 71xx drivers, it's fine again.

I once had this problem before and then they told me to use the legacy nvidia drivers. But now it says on the nvidia site that 96xx should work with Geforce3. So I'm wondering if there's any setting or something that I can use to get properly working colors?
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