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Default Whats wrong ?

Hello guys!
Finaly been able to get my new rig so its now complet and now to some overclocing!

When I run Orthos blend test after some 30 minutes or so it hangs my comp completely and I just have to reboot!

I wonder what it can be!
I have disabeled what to disabeled in this guide from IGN!

My spec is!
OCZ PC2 8500 SLI 2 GB
TT 120
TJ05 Case
Thermaltake 850W PSU ( This one shold be very good )

Have big trouble to get it stable at 333*9 = 3 Ghz
That shouldent be any probs with this processor I heard and I have give it so much as 1.5 V and my memory 2.3 V and gave some more juice for the CPU FSB and Nforce SPP but still it doesent help!

Any Ideas what it can be, it driving me nuts
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