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In each of the three space dimensions, x, y, z, one can say they are infinite because if someone or something would try to go so far as to find "the end of space", that is complete emptiness (no matter, no waves, absolutely nothing at all), he could never find it because the space near him/it will contain waves emitted by him/it (everything emit waves of one kind or another - except may be black holes, but only if you consider that gravity is not a wave, which is still not very clear I believe). So one can say that the space is naturally created when needed, that is when waves expand themselves in the emptiness. So if space creates itself automatically when you're advancing in emptiness, then you could advance infinitely (given enough time, lol!), which is why we consider the space to be infinite.

That is a very simplistic way of explaining complex physics (on which my knowledge is limited), but it gives the general idea.

May be we're a bit off-topic here, hey? It's always funny to see how a discussion can evolve...

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