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ATi WASN'T a trusted manufacturerer for a looong time after that, at least in the ATi community that I recall. That's why I always refer to 'em as either the "old ATi" or the "spiffy new ATi".
Seriously. They took their lumps for being busted, and they had to work hard to regain the communities respect/trust..but they did and now they're reaping the rewards of that as is the ATi community.
I think you have to look at the fundamental difference between these two situations: ATI's quake/quack issue involved degradation of actual image quality that you could see in the game, for the sake of higher performance. This current 3dmark03 issue involves something that almost no one can see (unless you pay Futuremark for their developer version and roam around off camera), and it involves no degradation of image quality in what we can actually see. Of course, we are also comparing a benchmark that many people feel is not representative of real-world gaming performance (3dmark03) to a very popular game (Quake 3).
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