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Originally posted by jimmyjames123
The idea is that there are no concrete "rules as to how the benchmark is run". There is no concrete definition of what makes up a driver "optimization". NVIDIA does not even have authorized access to the 3dmark03 developer tools that some other websites are using. Futuremark themselves is very inconsistent. They don't allow non-WHQL drivers, but they allow overclocked graphics cards and cpu's. Don't you think that "skews" results in a way that driver "optimizations" wouldn't? That introduces yet another variable, and the graphics cards (and cpu's) that overclock better will have a natural advantage.

Can we just agree to disagree on this one? I think that's what the crux of the whole debate is, and the peeps who think it's a cheat to "optimize" a benchmark the way nVidia did aren't going to change their minds anymore than the people who believe it's a legitimate "optimization"

Methinks we'll find out more tomorrow, further debating this point is just an exercise in futility right now.
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