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Question Re:ubuntu fiesty newb: Geforce4 420 Go

hiya. runnin a toshiba with geforce4 420 go/ just picked up new version of fiesty ubuntu.
being linux-new, i tried playing with the new "desktop effects" button: i was offered a driver for my card so as to take advantage of my "3D capabilities", etc. fine, says itinstalled, etc.

upon restart: zip, nada, nothing but a scary poltergeist-looking screen going black and white, black and white....

for now i just reinstalled fiesty and won't touch that button...

however, y'all seem to be doin' things in a terminal or something....i am only just figuring my way thru synaptic, so this part of the learning curve seems steep..........????shall i assume that this is a result of running your 'puters off a "recovery" mode from bootup? (question 1)

if so, i hope i will soon understand what you are talking about....i would like to play silly desktop-effect-games, just like the other reindeer. as well, i am sure there are likely new frontiers in graphics-watching that i am unable to participate in.

so my command line starts off in /root...?????where/how do i go from there to find my nvid card drivers so i can type in these wondrous ciphers i see on this thread?
(question 2)

thanky kindly, even a penny will do

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