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Hello guys!

Well now im a very happy man, I know what was wrong about it..I dident push then nforce SPP voltage at I set it up to 1.5V and now all problems seems to be solved

I can now have my volt to the CPU at 1.4000, maybe even less but I settle for that for now and its only over some 50C so its cool!

My FSB voltage seems to run fine on stock setting 1.2V but when I set the SPP back to stock at 1.20 then the system hang in one minute or so!

Will now try to set the SPP at 1.30 to see if its enough.

BTW Xion. the memory hmm shouldent PC2 8500 mem go for 1066 stock. but if its not stable I will keep thet in mind, thanks!
My FSB is now at 333*4 Quad pumped = 1333 Mhz and you mean that I have to set my ram to half of that = 666 Mhz if I understand it corectly ?
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