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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

Originally Posted by nVJoe
LOL! another EQ snob. Don't hate WoW because it is more popular than a boring game like EQ2.
I'd much rather play with the soccer mom's. There is nothing wrong with a little MILF action.

Any way, I don't play either game any more. I'm waiting for Age of Conan. BRING ON THE PAIN!

First of all I am not an MMORPG player to begin with. So do not call me an EQ2 Snob because I can't even get that game to run right. WoW is a little kiddies game. The majority that play it are amused by Chuck Norris jokes, and the discussion of their favorite actors sexuality? I have played WoW and the community is horrible sorry to tell you that. Its a good game, its easy but its a good game. People who play it however think they are bad ass because they have a level 60 character in it.. They really believe they are that awesome.

So no I am not hating on any game in-general but if I had to pick a MMORPG it'd be Lineage 2, and maybe EQ2 if I could get it to run right. A WoW player wouldn't last 30 minutes in EQ 1 though. I prefer FPS anyway.

Has anyone figured out how to get the game to actually run smoothly on the 8800.. Someone said they get 45 FPS with everything maxed out. I hardly believe that.. The game looks good granted, but to run like that nah it shouldn't tax a system that bad. Its almost as bad as Vanguard, except Vanguard looks like ass.
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